It is since 1895 that Lavazza cultivated with wisdom and commitment to the art of blending and roasting, with the aim of perfection of taste and excellence of the results. This year 2015 we celebrate the 120 year history of the Lavazza brand.


1895-  It all begins when Luigi Lavazza, in 1895, opened the first grocery Lavazza Via San Tommaso in Turin.

Luigi Lavazza was a man full of initiative, creativity and passion for their work. Discover the different origins and characteristics of this plant, coffee, and studied the art of blending to meet the tastes of customers, creating mezclas.Gracias his trip to Brazil is able to see, at a time of great change The potential of the drink. The Lavazza coffee we drink today is the result of his idea. Combine coffee from around the world, collected, processed, blended and roasted to meet so many different blends and balanced, the taste of everyone.

1927- Grow: from a small workshop to a company.

It is the first post-war period and in Turin there is turmoil: production enters the Lingotto Fiat and Lavazza store becomes a small business. Luigi Lavazza SPA born in 1927 in Corso Giulio Cesare 65.
Luigi Lavazza, his wife Emilia and their children Maria, Joseph and Mario, called Beppe, Luigi Lavazza founded the company with a capital of 1.5 million liras. We like to emphasize the presence of two women, Maria and Emilia and five founding partners.
From here begins the conquest of the province thanks to the fleet and sales network. Are these years the use, Lavazza, Pergamin: a package of two layers of paper that keeps the fragrance of coffee. In this way, families can buy a larger quantity of coffee mixture and keep it at home for a few days. It is the first step in the packaging Lavazza found today in stores. 



1946- The recovery after war.

In 1946 Italy became a republic. We went through the war and the period of the ban on imports of coffee. Mario, Beppe and Pericle Lavazza have the right intuition, and the company specializes in the sale of coffee: no more loose, but filled with the mark.
1946 the first Lavazza logo, made by Borghi Milan Aerostudio is performed. Larger the letter "A" in the center, the other letters, characterizes today.
Like today, in Italy, we distinguish the TV series "Lavazza Paradiso", descending from the first advertising slogan "Lavazza Paradiso in the Cup", 1950.

1950- Even today, we buy coffee is vacuum packed, since 1950.

To preserve the fragrance of coffee and all its aroma one the can under a high vacuum is produced, which made possible the preservation for a long time and therefore also a much wider distribution.
Born, the historic "blend Lavazza". Emilio Lavazza, Beppe's son, joined the company in 1955 with very clear and innovative ideas.

1957 - First in Italy, then become the largest in Europe.

It is the year 1957 when in Italy we are in the economic boom.
At the headquarters of Corso Novara born great Lavazza roasting industry. The innovative production process allows treating more than 40,000 kg of coffee a day through a process of vertical production, more efficient: an absolute novelty for Italy. Two years later, in 1959, it is launched in the market the first decaffeinated coffee Lavazza called DEC. Our industrial growth continues with the opening in 1965 of the largest in Europe, in Settimo Torinese roasting plant.

1971 - New ideas to overcome the crisis.

The 70s marked a difficult period for the Italian economy. Although coffee consumption is reduced. And it is precisely in times of crisis we need innovation, so after Parchment and the can bag the ideal wine for our homes with all the aroma of Lavazza coffee empty. The first and packaged for retail was Quality Network, in 1971, being one of the favorite Italian blends. The largest in the world of coffee school born in those years, in 1979, Luigi Lavazza Centre for studies and research on the coffee. The Lavazza Training Centre continues to provide training and innovation and to spread the culture of espresso throughout the world.

1989 - Our espresso in offices around the world.

Today we are used to not only drinking espresso at the bar, also in the office, at home, in public areas with vending machines, and the station.
In 1989, the vending industry with Lavazza Espresso Point system: a coffee machine that uses pre-packaged coffee pods.
After the birth of the first subsidiary abroad, held in France in 1982, which was founded in London in 1990 Lavazza Coffees Ltd, to spread the Italian coffee in Britain.

1993 - Our passions, plus coffee: art and photography, design.

In our DNA that love is still alive today. In 1992, the meeting between Giuseppe Lavazza and Helmut Newton, born the first Lavazza Calendar. It is in black and white, set in Paris and Monte Carlo and told a completely new and in particular the deep bond between the company based in Turin and coffee.



2004 - Born this commitment to our company.

In 2004 he was born Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation, a nonprofit that wants to improve the living conditions of people in the coffee producing countries organization. The most important project, which continues today, is called Earth !.
The project Earth !, a sustainable coffee, we have steadily improved in eight countries, the lives of more than 3,000 farmers involved, promoting economic growth, improving their way of life and the introduction of new techniques more ecological and economic farming.
Also this year, the system was established to prepare the Lavazza BLUE espresso in the office, auto wafer protected innovation: a patent developed by Lavazza.

2012 - The concrete results the sustainability report.

With the Sustainability Report 2012 and the results of our sustainability efforts we have undertaken in number of years a path for evaluating the environmental performance of key products: use an approach that considers the raw material, the processes in the countries of coffee origin and production plants in Italy, packaging, coffee machines, transporting raw materials and finished products, to its disposal. And we continue to reduce the environmental impact at all levels of the production process.

2015 - A leap forward: the first espresso in space.

In 2004, the Lavazza calendar reached by a photo presage coffee in space with photographs of Thierry Le Gouès inspired by Barbarella and the pop and science fiction. Ten years later we made this dream a reality, carrying the Italian espresso in the International Space Station. In collaboration with Argotec and the Italian Space Agency (ASI).
In the same year we saw the results of another unique project: in collaboration with illycaffè introduced us to the sequencing of the genome of Coffea arabica.
Today, to celebrate the 120 years of our history, we are present at the Expo 2015 where we presented the Lavazza biodegradable capsule to prepare a perfect Italian espresso, while protecting the environment.