About coffee have heard a lot of talk about whether it is harmful to our health but the truth is that it has properties that benefit us and improve our productivity.

If we have not slept at night will be difficult for our welcome respond with agility, but we take a coffee to clear our heads, this is due to caffeine molecule limiting behavior of adenosine. Caffeine in this case helps us not fall asleep and stay awake for a day.
Another of its properties is to help memorize. If we have a test the day before when we study notes can do it over coffee. Its effect is achieved by caffeine can retain images and concepts in our memory for 24 hours.
Recent studies have also concluded that people who drink coffee have a better willingness to collaborate with colleagues and make them more participatory at work.
Coffee should be drunk in moderation, the ideal is that each control their intake daily dose own benefit without abuse or detrimental to our health.