Lavazza Italian companies and jointly initiated a project Illycaffè genomic research worldwide.

This is sequencing the genome Coffea arabica. The study was conducted by the University of Padua, Trieste and the Institute for Applied Genomics of Udine, coordinated by Professor Giorgio Graziosi DNA Analytica Srl, a spin off of the University of Trieste.

The results presented have allowed for the first time deciphering the genetic basis of this type of coffee.
The Arabica coffee is represented by 70% of production worldwide.
The sequencing of the coffee genome will "read" the ground to identify the source perfectly. Even may identify, for example, genes which confer a certain resistance to a disease or infection of the same plant. If we treat this problem, we can offer our fans a higher quality coffee grain.

"We must equip ourselves to face future challenges: the need to increase production through continuous quality improvement, increase biodiversity and mitigate the negative effects of global warming." Andrea Illy said president and CEO of Illycaffè and chairman of promotion and market development of the International Coffee Organisation.

The study of DNA Arabica coffee, in future, be crucial to the development of the production chain and for the jewel of coffee at its maximum and top grade quality, a breakthrough in the investigation.