While most people take a coffee regularly, it is also true that many of us do not really know the difference arabica or robusta coffee. Two coffees that come from different places and make their taste and aroma are unequal distinctive palate.

The coffee plant belongs to the genus Coffea, among the most important species are: Coffea arabica, canephora and coffea, also known as robusta.

Coffea arabica represents about two-thirds of most of the world's coffee production. It is a delicate plant that requires greater care than robust, is in areas from 600 to 2000 meters. Arabica beans are larger, have a more flattened and elongated shape and differ by a dividing line curved in the form of "S".
Arabica coffees are more aromatic, with a sweet taste. The level of caffeine it contains is less than the robusta variety, about 1.4%.

The coffea canephora (robusta) represents a third of the world's coffee production. The plant grows between sea level and 600 meters above sea level. It can withstand warmer temperatures. Robusta beans are characterized by a more rounded shape and a central dividing line rectar.
It is full-bodied coffee with a chocolate flavor and lingering aftertaste. It contains more caffeine than arabica, which makes it considered a strong coffee.