Like the rest of teas, black tea comes from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, but the fermentation process is oxidized to a greater extent than white varieties and oolong tea. This causes the black tea flavor is the strongest and that their protein content is also higher. Black tea variety is highly valued for its large storage capacity and, unlike green tea, which loses its flavor within a year, will keep for years with the same flavor and aroma than before. It is for this reason that black tea became currency in places like Mongolia, Tibet and Siberia to the nineteenth century.
Get all varieties of tea, its origins date back to ancient times, but his arrival in America can be dated to 1492, with the first settlers. He won great popularity in the U.S. in 1773, when colonists tossed black tea into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party in that city. This was one of the first episodes of the U.S. War against England. The black tea is currently the basis of the famous British tea, which is traditionally taken at five in the afternoon.
In Chinese, black tea red tea is known how surely to describe the color of the tea leaves generated. The term "black tea" describes, instead, the fermented leaf color. In Western culture, we use "red tea" to describe the rooibos tisane.

Five known essential properties of black tea, health benefits:

Antioxidant: protects the body against free radicals, helps prevent aging and degenerative problems in the cardiovascular system.
Astringent: The infusion of black tea is very beneficial to combat digestive system problems, how gastritis.
Diuretic: black tea is a great ally for removing body fluids. Quenching and low in calories.
Stimulating: it is a great product to help awaken body and mind, and for this reason it is highly recommended to take it for breakfast and after meals.