Chamomile is a perennial, dense clumps, well known and used since ancient times as Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used how to alleviate pain healing plant liver and intestines. Chamomile grows on roadsides and fields that are dry and sunny, and can be found in most parts of Europe. The flowers are harvested in the spring when they are still a bit closed and dried in the shade, extended, or by artificial processes.
Once dried flowers, chamomile tea is aromatic and slightly bitter. He usually taken without adding milk, but can be combined with other additives how lemon, honey or cinnamon to improve the taste. The chamomile tea is a great digestive stimulant, and it is for this reason that used to be taken after heavy meals to relieve heaviness. Being a relaxing plant also positive properties are attributed to treat headaches and insomnia caused by stress and anxiety.