Even today the common belief consider coffee as a drink harmful. Actually the coffee, itself, is absolutely harmless. The important thing is to consume it in moderate amounts and other psychoactive substances, coffee should not be taken in excessive amounts, however the daily consumption is not addictive even after a long time. Research shows that 2-4 cups of coffee a day are benefits and no harmful effect.

In October 1970, held in Venice the first Biopharmaceutical Symposium on coffee. In October 1971, the event was repeated in Florence, which hosted the Second Congress, while in 1972, Vietri sul Mare, another complete the discussion on the properties of the active substances in coffee, definitely recognizing the positive effects and refuting prejudices diffused in the past.

On the occasion of such conferences Nutrition dietitians and experts in human physiology and therapeutics laactividad coffee, a drink that in a society like ours helps to overcome physical and mental stress characteristic of our time.

Regarding the nutritional aspect, the coffee is not an essential food for our body. However, some of the substances that have beneficial effects for organs.

Coffee is a substance described as "inspiring", which affects nerve centers generating general welfare unasensación, sharpening the focus and enhancing the vitality in the physical work, but also-and especially-where you need faster reflexes. Stimulation is caused by the "caffeine" with caffetannic acid (a mixture of various acids, among which are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid).