An article in the British Medical Journal speaks of coffee consumption with a significant finding...

Specifically it is the study Korean researchers have conducted some 25,000 people between men and women of middle age with no signs of heart disease.
The researchers examined the association of coffee and the presence of calcium in the coronary arteries is a clear indicator of the existence of atherosclerosis, which is linked to the chances of suffering a heart attack. Underwent a computed tomography (CT) where it is appreciated with images levels of calcium in the coronary arteries.
The groups did not everyone took the same amount of coffee a day, about not taking other a cup, less than three, four, five or more. They were also taken into account other factors such as smoking, history of heart disease, the practice of sport, body mass index, alcohol, fruits, vegetables and meats.

The group that a decrease in atherosclerotic plaques with 41% was noted was taking three or four cups of coffee daily. Those who drank one cup 23% among those taking a cup and less than three 34%.
It is an important fact considering that in Spain most of the deaths are due to heart disease. But coffee drink in moderate amounts have also been shown to work against the symptoms of Parkinson, is a memory aid and protects fatty liver. The coffee consumed long term provides better sensitivity to insulin and therefore are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.