When tradition and innovation are at the service of the world of gastronomy.

Historically, especially in recent years, renowned chefs, starting with the creative genius of Ferran Adrià, Lavazza have strengthened partnerships with culinary sector following the company's attention to the evolution of international food culture and passion for coffee as a product and quality.

Lavazza is constantly seeking new ways to understand the coffee and, therefore, their doors are always open to chefs in the exercise of their profession have quality creative ideas and to develop new ways to treat coffeeA practical example is the newborn collaboration with Carlo Cracco, chef and owner of Ristorante Cracco in Milan, which has materialized in conducting Training Centre along with new product Lavazza Coffee Lens.

Lens Coffee as a product born from an idea of Matteo Baronetto, the second chef Carlo Cracco, who came almost by accident. Matteo is nearsighted Carlo Cracco-account so that every morning you put contact lenses: that was how he got the idea. Often we create a new dish cooks, when we have an intuition. However, in this case first conceived the idea and then left to mature for a while.

In fact, from the idea of edible lenses and recipe development, the time period was long, thanks to the coffee-flavored version finally born Lens Coffee, coffee glasses made with Marcello team Arcangeli, responsible for developing new products and Lavazza Training Centre. The Lens Barbajada combined with a traditional Milanese drink containing coffee.

However, Coffee Lens is a complementary product that is also combined with other recipes both sweet and savory: Coffee lenses can accompany savory dishes, such as cream of rice and sea urchins flavored coffee.

The Lavazza Training Centre, and especially the trainer Francesco Viarizzo have worked with Carlo Crocco team to develop and prepare the recipe, and also stabilize the coffee product, says Marcello Arcangeli.
Conceive nothing continues Marcello idea Arcangeli-start to work on the technical realization and thermal stability since the coffee base attached to gelatin Kappa gelling algae extract, requires a constant treatment temperature of 80° C. In addition, the Training Centre has studied conservation methods needed to maintain hydration of the lenses and prevent drying after preparation, without forgetting the important aspects of aroma and taste, essential to preserve the fragrance and intense espresso character Lavazza.