Mark Seliger signs the nineteenth edition of the Lavazza Calendar.

Milan, October 14, 2010. Falling in love in Italy, this is the title chosen for the nineteenth edition of the Lavazza Calendar, a statement of intentions which boasts Lavazza years with international photographers called to interpret, in all the peculiarities that are proper, the call Belpaese .

Presented in Milan at the international press, a cosmopolitan city that has maintained its strong character italianidad loves the scene of contemporary and urban, the Lavazza calendar is confirmed as a cult object for collectors and photography enthusiasts worldwide.

The highly anticipated event was celebrated with a party behind closed doors in the Navigli - channels ancient origin that were navigable at the time and are today one of the most romantic places in the city - Ecliss space, transformed for the first time in a site of unprecedented celebrations: a refined 'Cupid's Garden' to accommodate all guests in a romantic and cheerful.

After the great values of Italy played by Annie Leibovitz in 2009 and the edition dedicated to the great Italian musical themes reflected by Miles Aldridge in 2010, today is Mark Seliger, American photographer, who has been named to capture the spirit of the Italian spirit to through love. Photographs by Mark Seliger, renowned portraitist of celebrities, have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, and is an artist famous for his pictorial style, capable of transforming reality into art.

The theme of Love, and in particular that of falling in love in Italy, is one of those original songs and amazing that test a photographer, enhancing your personality and style. Again, italianidad Lavazza wants to talk about because it is in Italy, as noted in the introduction of the Calendar: "maybe float something in the air that ignites passion. Or maybe it's the beauty of the landscapes and architecture which naturally arouses the noblest of feelings: love. "

In the images of the edition of 2011, Seliger captures the romance and sensuality of a two, aesthetic beauty and symbolic of falling in love in a country where everything is art, if you look through the eyes of a loving couple or a talented photographer.

Seliger plasma directly love and happy, playing with landscapes of "cult" makes Italian and a sense of irony that is visible on all images. It is a return to direct iconographic language comprehensible to everyone.

Through his lens, Seliger imagery reveals the secrets of Italian classic country as a center of love, where beauty, art, nature and history influence and imagination to bring beguile said, almost naturally, to a feeling loving. The images were captured in an ironic or surreal six different stories spread over temporality: "six intimate moments between him, her and coffee".

A Tuscan, high water in Venice, Romeo and Juliet's balcony, the cliffs of Capri, an enchanted garden in Florence, but also the clothes hanging in the sun of Naples, they become the ideal background brings rhythm and harmony to the story you want to tell us Seliger where winks "picturesque" merge with it as a typical feature of American photographer: the talent to capture in all his portraits, the environment and, in this case, sensuality transpires every situation.

"Being a good photographer means also being able to be tested, so that any situation credible, that shows a connection between people," says Mark Seliger. "It's about creating a story and to tell it: the need to make it believable. What I love about Italy is the mixture that is in the people, you can breathe a quality of lifestyle that makes Italy a unique country. "

As in previous editions, the 2011 calendar creative direction has been done by Armando Testa agency.

Among the models featured in the 2011 calendar include a couple of exception: the American actress Olivia Wilde and her husband Tao Ruspoli principal protagonists of the image of Capri.

"How can anyone not love Italy? I have not met anyone who has been to Italy and have not been in love with her, "says the American actress," either by the architecture, the people, or even just for Culinary is impossible to resist this country, " explained in the set.

Olivia has felt particularly comfortable posing with a cup of steaming coffee in hand because, as she says: "another reason why I love Italy is cafe culture ... I like good coffee, and the fact I married an Italian has made me even more demanding. On the set of House ordered a small espresso. At first they teased me, but I said "I sure appreciate it!" And now, all, every morning, we started the day with my espresso. "

In addition to this popular couple models that give life to the rest of the images are: Bill Gentle, an ironic Cupid to which he has devoted the cover and the last image, which closes the story by Seliger, the six images of the calendar are featuring Monica Castillo, Enrique Palacios, Noot Seer, Cedric Bihr, Liliana Dominguez, Alessandro Giallocosta, Violet Budd, Jeisa Chiminazzo and Ivan Olita.