Lavazza with "the partirò": 20 years, 240 months, 170 images. For 20 years unique Lavazza calendars have become spokespersons of excellenceAlongside the international masters of photography, 20 years unique Lavazza calendars have become spokespersons of excellence for the company, not only in Italy, but in the world.

"Year after year, the relationship between photography and Lavazza coffee has been strengthened and consolidated," recalls Francesca Lavazza, Corporate Image Director Group-"Both are sons of our time and energy generators, like for rapid consumption, perfect copies of themselves: photography, such as coffee, always creates a relationship between who produces and who enjoys it. "

And since 1993, the extraordinary photographers who carry on this adventure with Lavazza have shared the enthusiasm, passion and tension to the highest quality. Thanks to all the calendar has become a collectors item, and from the 2002 edition, with the images of David LaChapelle, has become stylistic signature and sign international advertising campaign Lavazza.

Since then, the calendar images are down to the most important places in the world, and have clothed the buildings of the largest European cities making them almost plen air museums.

Helmut Newton, Ellen von Unwerth, Ferdinando Scianna, Albert Watson, David LaChapelle, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Annie Leibovitz and Eugenio Recuenco are some of the names that have made this process and today are honored by Lavazza in a sample of Milan Triennial runs until November 9 2011.

The project Lavazza con te partirò consists of a sample-a photographic monograph published by Rizzoli and Rizzoli International, and a digital project: common thread, travel and seduction, with female figure guiding a path towards a world parallel.
"To celebrate the twentieth anniversary we named Fabio Novembre, with its dreamlike style pop, has created an unexpected journey of reading of the images. A journey of seduction, pleasure and beauty, accompanied by the words of Vincenzo Cerami and by the artwork of Milo Manara, which definitely encourage us to continue during the next twenty years, "explains Francesca Lavazza.

"Fabio Novembre Lavazza-account-is a surname that is left decline in female and, preceded by coffee, suggests a couple characterized by some indissoluble budgets: Lavazza coffee, which in fact is a union born in 1895 and now generates 17 billion cups consumed each year worldwide. 17 billion of moments that presuppose the same taste, but evoke completely different visual environments. And perhaps chasing the magic of that time, 20 years Lavazza author continues to produce images which always have a cup of coffee as a common denominator".