The Italian Space Agency in collaboration with Lavazza Innovation Center and Argotec designed the first coffee machine to operate in space.

"An espresso is what I miss most on board the International Space Station." This comment we had heard several times of Italian astronauts 13 years working in the International Space Station, his desire, today has already become a reality.

ISSpresso Lavazza is as it is called, consists of the initials of the International Space Station (ISS) where you installed this "coffee" capable of operating in a weightless environment. It is the first system based espresso capsule capable of working in extreme conditions in space, where the principles governing fluid dynamics and fluid mixtures are very different from those typical on Earth. Researchers have replaced the plastic tube generally conveys the hot water within a normal espresso machine for a steel tube, making the unit can withstand a pressure of 400 bar.
 Its design allows espressso cafés, long coffees, teas, infusions and broth. Also, another function is to rehydrate some foods.
 The liquid is dispensed into a plastic bag where the astronaut can enjoy your sipped through a straw

Last November Samantha Cristoforetti became the first Italian woman to travel in space on the International Space Station and the first astronaut in history to try an authentic Italian espresso in orbit.