The technique increases trendy cafes around the world where baristas even come to present their skills competitions.

Latte Art is defined as creating designs on the surface of the espresso coffees. Baristas usually are the ones who use this technique. There are two methods for implementation:

The first method jug with fresh milk (preferably whole), which we have to heat a spray of espresso machine is used. The cream of the crop has to be persistent, dense and bubble. The maximum degree of boiling is around 65 °. Once the mix heated to remove air bubbles. And then carefully pour milk on our espresso desired amount to our design simultaneously.

The second method, and by no means the least used, is the creation of an instrument designs with templates, powders and milk foam. This technique is a bit more laborious and detailed as we can add different colors makes your results much more spectacular.

These processes require extremely quickly because since none of colloids (milk and coffee) are stable lasts very little design.
Currently also it practiced in Latte Art at the Capuchins, mocha coffee or espresso in machiato.