Annie Leibovitz interprets the "Italian style" through seven photographs mentioning some of the most representative icons of Italian culture.

Rome, October 14, 2008 - Lavazza adds an important chapter to his celebrated calendars, trusting the 17th edition to the photographer Annie Leibovitz, the most famous contemporary portrait and searched, with the creative direction of the agency Armando TestaAnnie Leibovitz Lavazza has made to seven images, or rather, seven paintings on the theme of Italian Style, representations of a dreamlike journey into a sophisticated Italy, in the international imagination, recounts a lifestyle unique in the world.

Having always well present the very symbol of Italian style espresso Lavazza, Leibovitz has acclimated his photographs evoking the works of great masters of art, film and even fashion, playing wisely with artistic events and atmospheres typical of his gaze deep and refined. The style of the Calendar "The Italian Espresso Experience" Lavazza is unmistakable, refined and elegant as ever, and with a romantic touch, fil rouge of each image.

In Rome, Lavazza has staged a work of theater on the occasion of the presentation of the calendar, the theater performed by the Academy of La Scala in Milan, transforming into an unforgettable evening. The apartments of Villa Miani, transformed into small universes linked to images of the calendar, have made live the dream of cinema, the creative paragon of art, fashion, interactive workshop, the terrace of seduction, the inn, new orgies Rome's history.

For guests invited to celebrate the Calendar, the true Italian Espresso Experience began during the presentation to the international press, with the display of another guest star, one of the greatest composers of the current international scene, the celebrated pianist Giovanni Allevi, whose compositions set the canons of a new contemporary classical music and helped transform the evening into a magical event.