A perfect synthesis between photography and music copyright.

Turin, October 15, 2009 - The 2010 edition of the Lavazza Calendar will be presented today in Turin in the historic seat of Palazzo Madama.

This amazing solar calendar is signed by accredited English photographer Miles Aldridge, who made 7 memorable photographs to represent the 12 months of 2010. The creative direction as always entrusted to the agency Armando Testa.

For the first time in the history of Lavazza calendars, the real star of this calendar is the Italian Music, a spokeswoman in the world of talent, positivity and lifestyle. The Italian Espresso Experience For 2010, Lavazza has chosen the perfect harmony of the two most immediate arts: music and photography, which, despite maintaining a separation differences and nuances rich are equally direct and immediate.

Va 'Pensiero, Guarda che Luna,' O Sole Mio, Con Te Partirò, Baciami Piccina, Nessun Dorma: six songs ageless known in much of the world, performed here in the style of Aldridge as abstract paintings with touches of all color, a style characterized by 'Futuretrò', a term that critics define their vision. A synthesis of fluorescent colors that give your images a futuristic splendor, and his predilection for subjects often surprisingly retro.

An innovative style destined to leave their mark on the contemporary art scene. The choice of Lavazza indicates once again the spirit of innovation always suggesting new aesthetic viewpoints, to be sought in the relationship between subject and imagery.

In photographs, the songs carry the face of Bianca Balti, Georgia Frost, Lydia Hearst, Daisy Lowe, Alexandra Tomlinson, and Alek Alexeyeva, top model in the international fashion scene and the show.

Each year more numerous lovers and collectors Lavazza calendar waiting for the time of submission to "post" images and impressions on the network, even though nearly a month ago that photographs backstage are available to a click and leave sense the layout of the new edition.

Now in its eighteenth edition, Lavazza Calendar is a reference point for lovers of photography author, with constant attention and Italian lifestyle: various details and nuances of a culture that the word "Italian style" encompasses perfectly.