Without ever missing a good coffeeTurin, 07/12/2009 - Lavazza Congratulations and many more years to be ad! After hundreds and hundreds of coffees served in the clouds, the campaign Paradise celebrates 15 years. In this time period, the Italians have demonstrated their passion for the Italian brand, identifying with the friendliness and openness of the various interpreters of this series of ads unique, special and incomparable. The Lavazza Paradiso adventure begins with the first announcement in 1995. In the chapter where, for the first time, Lavazza coffee makes its entry in this magic place, Tullio match Solenghi image, passionate consumer of Lavazza, fresh from the earth, and an extraordinary San Pedro, played by Riccardo Garrone . The dialogue between the two immediately focuses on coffee and soon San Pedro is also tempted to try the delicacy of Lavazza coffee.

From this first chapter are developed along the years, all the others, according to an idea of strong and recognizable communication. The soft clouds, the sky is always blue, the angels beautiful and funny dialogue between the actor and San Pedro are turning into a "telelugar" immaterial born stories told around the famous cups of espresso, where the actors never waive nice pause, despite being funny and troublemakers, have clear ideas on how to be an excellent Italian-style coffee. In 2000, Tullio Solenghi is replaced by the famous pairing of Bonolis Paolo and Luca Laurenti, the connection between the Italian and the couple turns out to be the right choice again and appreciated by consumers. "Paradiso The campaign is based on an idea simple and successful key, "explains Marco Testa, president of Armando Testa, the agency that designed the campaign. "A man comes to paradise, located in San Pedro and offers his coffee.

Since then in paradise Lavazza coffee drinks only. A coffee so rich as to be sought also in paradise, place symbol of pleasure, perfection and excellence. " The more than sixty chapters of the series have endless ideas and narratives that have animated funny jokes Lavazza Paradise, year after year making an appointment expected by the public with joy and curiosity.

The campaign is a success only in Italy, by continuity and popularity. The values that underlie the stories, humanity, warmth, sympathy and humor fit perfectly with the simplicity of the narrative scheme. The lucky combination of these elements, along with the advertising investments for years and also the special bond protagonists, Bonolis and Laurenti, the public has allowed the Italians identify emotionally with Lavazza Paradiso. In fact, a few years ago, the Italian financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore proclaimed as Italian ad most remembered. Often studies have placed first for recognition and popularity (with peaks above 95% of respondents), judging every time "funny", "relaxing", "different", "pleasant", "attractive", "mixed".

During the fifteen years of filming, behind the camera have alternated many major Italian directors such as Alessandro D'Alatri, Gabriele Salvatores, Daniele Luchetti and Umberto Riccioni, whose masters have kept intact over time and symbolic values metaphor for paradise, creating a memorable campaign. "Our Paradiso Giuseppe Lavazza, Lavazza Group Vice President-is more than a campaign, is a concept that we all have attachment and part of our brand image.

Represents a fixed date in the homes of the Italians who strengthened the bond between our company and consumers, making the funny jokes in the clouds of our brand heritage and void. The popularity of our campaign is growing year by year and we have consolidated our products in the market, highlighting the excellent quality of our coffee and support, since 2007, the launch of the innovative A Modo Mio. Precisely this holiday season being broadcast the new chapter on our espresso machine and its capsules".