Coffee crisp sheets, made by Josean Alija.

Sweeture reaches the gateway Madrid Fusion 2013, this is a new culture in the bakery, where coffee and accompanying innovative ingredient most spectacular and fascinating dishes.

The conference featured some of today's most famous characters of the bakery, Paco Torreblanca (Spanish pastry master), Jordi Roca (innovative desserts), Jordi Butron (pedagogical alchemist), José María Guerola, Pierre Hermé, Patrick Roger and Dominique Persoone . They called for the Sweet Fusion event. These "teachers" create Sweeture, mixing sweet and savory flavors with unique shapes modern design. Sweet are the iconoclasts.

In the workshop Josean Alija seeks limitless ways, their work with fruit, cocoa, seeds, nuts and coffee are almost works of art. The Bresse chicken, crisp sheets, mushroom broth infused coffee and strawberries with black tea ice cream and kefir, are an example of the signature dishes of Alija.

Pierre Hermé, Paris, also uses high quality coffee, Lavazza for their collections as "Infinitely Café". Investigated the effect of the grinding thicknesses of the type of roast coffee and infused. It will be in September when all its glory displayed in parades, rediscovering the passion for coffee, looking for a clear difference with the conventional pastry. A fetish with designs of chocolates, cakes, mousse, thousand leaves, it is therefore of couture cakes designed for lovers of coffee and sweet. For the pasterías Hermé launches are boutiques where fashion collections and designs every season.

To make this work almost perfect or rather looking for perfection, Lavazza coffees bring excellence to which they are accustomed these great masters. These new proposals sweet couture can be made with different varieties of Lavazza. The result is sublime obtaining a much more natural, superior quality and flavor Lavazza.