Luigi Lavazza, over a hundred years ago, created the concept of the blend, an element in which the coffee culture finds its ultimate expression. Amazing to get a quality drink, the best blends are born from the union of different varieties of coffee, including five or six at a time.

For example, which consist only of Arabica are sweeter and fragrant, while those formed by Arabica and Robusta have more body and a strong flavor. Today, thanks to the research and development activity by Lavazza, the company manages to ensure consistent quality and taste in every one of its cafes, modulating the organoleptic characteristics in both 100% Arabica blends as those that combine Arabica and Robusta.

The variety of coffees from Brazil and Central America to create endless flavor and aroma blends different: full and chocolaty, when prevailing conditions in Brazil, or fragrant, acidulous and fragrant when American washed Arabica prevail.

A careful grinding
The grind coffee changes the resistance to the passage of water, affecting the rate of extraction and hence the organoleptic characteristics of the beverage in the cup, irrespective of the mode of preparation.

With respect to the product grain is the bartender who makes the grinding, with respect to coffee powder, this task falls to Lavazza.

Storage and packaging
Again the experience and effort towards excellence has led us to develop specific techniques. To prevent the ground coffee to deteriorate upon contact with air, before packaging, the product is stored in a space with controlled atmosphere. This guarantees the complete dispersion of carbon dioxide in a very short time without altering fragrances.

Both beans and powder, coffee to be packaged to remain intact its organoleptic characteristics, therefore the choice of material and packaging technology is crucial. Lavazza responses: vacuum packs and highly insulating packing material.