Lavazza commitment to the environment with recyclable and compostable capsule.

Lavazza, after five years of research, has achieved a recyclable and compostable capsule.
It is a capsule that produces no harm to the environment, realized with materials that can biodegrade by microbiological action in a short time without leaving visible or toxic waste.
When we pull this capsule in the organic container, this is recycled, he moved to the composting plant where it is transformed and converted into organic fertilizer for the fields.
It is no longer a capsule that generate waste if your process ends when he returns to the land as fertilizer, is a historic step for Lavazza.

By the time the firm has applied this new type of capsule Lavazza A Modo Mio system, specifically Espresso Espresso Ricco and Aromatic distinguished by the green color of the box and will soon be marketed in Spain.