Opera Viva, The 2013 Social Calendar.

The Lavazza Calendar goes digital: Visit the website by clicking operaviva.lavazza.com.

A turning point for the Lavazza Calendar, which continues on the path of the great contemporary authors with unusual artistic path to an innovative project that breaks societal roles and the distances between the artist and the viewers. A two minute video describing the installation for one year with 12 tracks condensed into one day.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Social Media Week Turin, Lavazza presents the project Opera Viva, 2013 Social Calendar. The project with the creative direction of Michele Mariani and Marco Faccio, is signed by Armando Testa Agency, which has always accompanied Lavazza in the study and development of their calendars.

Lavazza Calendar enthusiasts will be amazed at the new edition of the calendar that has a temporal genesis begins today and will come out on January 1, 2013. An original project due to its redefinition and delimitation in time - from the innovative choice of Marco Brambilla, the internationally famous Italian-Canadian digital artist (known for their videos selected for the 2011 Venice Film Festival and the 2012 Sundance Film Festival) and social, for the first time, the band will have the opportunity to become the protagonist.

Although still in the footsteps of previous Art Calendars signed by the greats of photography as Newton, Leibowitz, LaChapelle and many others, Lavazza launches something new in art and international digital creativity entitled Opera Viva, 2013 Social Calendar. This new edition will mark a turning point in the calendars of the company in Turin, a new evolution of the almanac that breaks the papers and the distances between the artist and the viewer, and continues along the path of experimentation in new arts, passion and philosophy.

Therefore, and not on paper, but is transformed into a video collage and - for the first time - on a large-scale choral work, thanks to the pictures and videos sent by the network of hundreds of photo enthusiasts and the new digital arts that artists - and, in this case, also the director - is used to create the final work, the integration of selected works with video. Opera Live will be online from January 2013 on the site operaviva.lavazza.com.

The way to enjoy Opera Viva is another novelty: from January onwards will be possible to download the final work and users can customize their own multimedia content to create your own unique and exclusive version of the Calendar. Is it possible to say approximately 365 days in the span of a day? And articulate timesheets stations and then condense all in minutes? For Marco Brambilla is a stimulating challenge. The artist, author of the videos that narrate even the history of mankind in a few minutes, has divided the calendar day into 12 parts, each section corresponds to a month of the year and, if possible, each month corresponds to a period over 2 hours a day. The result will be a video installation about two minutes extended recounts a day in a year, where through the exciting pace of high-impact images, the colors used, the sounds (or silences) take the viewer on. mental space is usually associated with the corresponding time of the day, as always, the emotional center of the perfect day is coffee: the companion of our daily experiences, marking the precise time through social or private rituals.

"Digital Art - United Francesca Lavazza (Director of Corporate Image) - is already a form of concrete language and has special characteristics that make it different and is always able to transform into a plurality of different languages and adapt to them." He continues: "Exactly at the moment when our Calendar celebrated its twentieth anniversary, we wanted to explore creative solutions that open the horizon to different and original art scenes that arouse emotions and create new worlds. Our company - concludes Francesca Lavazza - has been always in the forefront, in perfect harmony with the times and new artistic precursor. Nowadays we are seeing good art term changed through social channels and increasingly Lavazza again the interpreter of the times ".

After 20 years of artistic photography, culminating last year with the calendar The Lavazzers, Lavazza wished to expand his concept of photography to new experiments: A unique and innovative project which can be viewed live on the web on 1 January 2013.