Lavazza has prompted new second edition of the Tazzina d'Oro 2014, it is a National Barista Championship. Open to all Spanish baristas to find the best chef coffee.
Noelia Zaragoza is proclaimed winner of this new edition Tazzina d'Oro 2014.

The final took place on December 11 at the Casa Batllo involving Albert Adrià as a juror.
According Santiago Ros, Director of Lavazza AFH Iberian Peninsula. "A barista must prepare and serve coffee as well as a chef makes the food of a good restaurant. Therefore, we convert the Lavazza coffee baristas chefs, teachers who have mastered the art of his profession and practice gourmet coffee. "

The competition had several phases: first considered online evaluation where participants competed through the web to complete 8 tests with the shortest possible time. The second phase, attendance was 133 semifinalists had to prepare and serve, 3 authentic Espresso, 3 splendid cappuccinos and 3 homemade recipes with Lavazza coffee base, all in just fifteen minutes.
And finally the third phase, were 6 finalists, baristas who obtained the highest scores in each category were the winners of the Tazzina d'Oro, the Tazzina Silver and Bronze, as well as awards for Best Cappuccino and best Creative Recipe, an award sponsored by Albert Adrià Tickets restaurant.


 Albert Adrià with the winner Noelia Zaragoza.

Awards and standings:

1st Tazzina Gold Award 2014: Noelia Zaragoza Restaurant Son Sant Joan Airport Palma de Mallorca. They also took a trip to Turin (including several activities to meet the world Lavazza and the Piedmontese town) and a Master Course on Innovation Center Coffee Lavazza.

2nd Tazzina Silver Award 2014: María Sáez González. And Lavazza A Modo Mio machine.

3rd Tazzina Bronze Award 2014: Fuad Ouchen Mohatar. He also received a Coffee Espresso.

Best Cappuccino: Elitsa Petkova Denkova. Travel Venice Award.
Best Creative Recipe: Antonio Ruggieri. Awarded a gastronomic day in the restaurant Tickets Barcelona, winner of a Michelin Star.

Tazzina d'Oro is a tender to the baristas of our country are recognized for their talent with a great stimulus to further improve willing to achieve excellence with Lavazza products.