The art of roasting
The Lavazza industrial system ensures the highest standards of product quality at all stages of coffee processing. In the four floors of the Group, this process is constantly monitored, since the advent of green coffee to storage of the finished product. The high technological profile of the plants to produce a total of more than one million pounds of coffee, ground and beans, and more than two billion capsules for the Lavazza closed systems. The transformation of coffee flavor and determines the characteristics of the beverage, the body and the degree of acidity. The competence gained in the management of this process allows you to perform specific cycles roast and ground, highlighting the peculiarities of each blend. So unique notes obtained body, sweetness and fragrance.

With roasting the beans undergo a transformation: change color, lose weight, increase volume and acquire aroma. The high temperatures allow the beans develop their flavor characteristics.

• At 100 ° C are golden and give off a smell like toasted bread, which will soon become the sublime aroma of coffee.
• Above 150 ° - 180 ° C are larger, bright and brown.
• A 200 ° -230 ° C roasting is at the optimum level and acquires its typical flavor coffee. Once removed from the toaster, coffee quenched with cold air flows.
Lavazza is looking for new roasting systems able to meet the demands and tastes of the national and international market.To date have used short cycles for roasting Robusta blends (soften stand body and woody taste) and roasting cycles Arabica means (include fragrance and sweetness of the blends).

Long cycles are intended for espresso blends, in order to obtain a beverage creamy and one harmonious taste.