Collection is with cherries (the fruit of the Arabica or Canephora) starting the long road of coffee.

Picking: A method is completely manual and start one by one perfectly ripe cherries only. In this way you get a homogeneous and of good quality.

The stripping: is to collect, with threshing machines or by hand, all the cherries once. Later harvest must sift since green cherries or fermented and collected together with the smooth.

The benefit of coffee
From the collection centers coffee reaches the stage of profit, which allows coffee beans extract of the fruit, removing the pulp and the film. At the end of this phase, you can divide the cafes specific commercial types, conform to classifications.

In this regard Lavazza follows a rigorous process control and tasting, which instructed the Quality Department experts. Caring for the raw material is essential to ensure the same characteristics throughout the year.

To start checks the compliance of each of the varieties with Lavazza Quality Standards. Strict standardization is important for the end result blends uniforms.

There are different types of treatments:

1. With the wet, used for the finest coffee varieties, you get a coffee product called 'wash' or 'mild'. His appearance is uniform and flawless. This treatment requires maturity and consistency cherries homogeneous: the pulping machine, separating the skin (exocarp) of the grains which are then placed in water tanks for one or two days to ferment. Once free of mucilage, the beans are ready to be washed and dried in the sun or in mechanical dryers at a temperature of 45-60 °.
The coffee thus obtained retains some protective membranes (the parchment and silver skin) is removed with a machine called shelling. The green beans, once peeled, are ready to be collected in well ventilated warehouses.

2. With the dry mill are obtained cafes called 'natural' patchy appearance. Immediately after recollección, the fruits are layered and left a l'air for two or three weeks. Sun exposure and the action of the machines separate the grain from both the pulp and the two protective membranes.

3. Ise semi-washed system characterized by a lower water consumption compared to wet method. Cherries are pulped by a machine that eliminates both the skin (exocarp) as pulp (mesocarp). The coffee that is dried in the sun or in drying.