The Orzo is a typical hot drink of Italy, which is derived from a type of barley is organically grown in plantations near the Adriatic Sea. The barley grains are collected and how it is made with roasted coffee beans, and the drink is prepared the same way as an espresso.
The first use of Orzo in Italy is related to the historical period that Italy Fascism lived. Those were difficult years in which the population had very limited access to real coffee. As a cereal barley very common in Italy, used in many traditional dishes began to consume the infusion of rice to replace the use of expensive and inaccessible as coffee.
The Orzo is a non-caffeinated drink dark and less cream than coffee, but very aromatic and pleasant taste, which has traditionally been considered a coffee substitute for children. Nevertheless, in recent years has become the most common choice for those people who have decided to reduce caffeine intake for health reasons and lately has been bolstered orzo consumption as very healthy hot drink and it really helps enhance the feeling of well-being.