When we say that a coffee has a body. What do we mean?

The body is not something that we savor, it is more a sensation in the mouth that can influence the taste of coffee. The body of the coffee (sensation in the mouth) is one of the six main characteristics that tasters use to discern the quality of a particular coffee, among which are: acidity, rancor, sweetness, fragrance, finish / aftertaste. We understand as a body the texture of coffee.
The taste of coffee combines many factors: taste, aroma, texture, sound, and even sight.
Certain varieties of coffee tend to have more body than others.
However, roasting is a complex combination of multiple factors, and good toasters control heat through roasting to accentuate the desired profiles.

Types of bodies in a coffee

- Light or light body. It is similar to water, with very little residue or texture on the tongue, they are not bad coffees. Coffees grown at low altitudes and in soils lacking nutrients commonly exhibit a light body. Casting methods that use a paper filter to remove oils and other solids can make a lighter-bodied coffee as well as a quick pour. An example is the Mexican, Brazilian, Jamaican cafes. Cafes with a washing process are associated with a more delicate body: they are more appreciated for their clarity and cleanliness than for their mouthfeel.

- Medium body. It is a coffee in a position between average, not ends like light or heavy. A medium-bodied coffee will be the typical coffee a good daily drinker.

- Heavy body or "Full Body". It is one that can be felt on the tongue, almost texturized, due to a combination of fat, protein and fiber content. Heavy bodies are typically attributed to high growth and shade coffees, especially in rich volcanic soils. The natives, you can expect a larger and rounded body. Darker roasts are often associated with more body. de alto crecimiento y sombra, especialmente en suelos volcánicos ricos. Los naturales, se puede esperar un cuerpo más grande y redondeado. Los tuestes ??más oscuros se asocian a menudo con más cuerpo.