Lavazza A Modo Mio - ¡Tierra! Bio Organic

  • 1 Box/es
  • 10 Box/es

- 100% Arabica.
- Bio-organic of unique flavor.
- Capsule of 7.5 g of coffee.
- Intensity 7.
- In boxes of 12 units.

  • Description

Lavazza A Modo Mio - Tierra Bio Organic

100% Arabica bio-organic blends, organically grown washes come together to create a sweet espresso with aromatic touches of fruit and biscuits.
Provenance: Central and South America. The dark roast leaves a smooth and pleasant aftertaste of chocolate. Good and organic
Cream: golden and warm color.
Notes: fruit and floral
Taste: Rounded and aromatic.
Roasting: medium.
Intensity: 7.

Strictly organic
The organic certification guarantees that this Earth! blend is grown in a sustainable way, and is produced according to strict rules designed to respect the environment and the welfare of animals.

UTZ means "good" in Quiché, a Mayan language. This certification guarantees that our coffee production processes comply with high social and environmental qualitative standards.
Cada cápsula contiene 7,5 g.

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