Coffee beans Illy - Monoarabic Guatemala (250 gr.)

  • 1 Can/s

- 100% Arabica from Guatemala.
- Natural roasting
- In cans of 250 g.

  • Description

This Illy Monoarabic Guatemalan coffee bean is produced in the famous region of Huehuetenango, a mountainous region in western Guatemala.
The warm winds of Mexico temper the cold and allow the coffee to grow up to 2000m.
Its fragrance is intense of characteristic sweetness and rich aroma with chocolate notes.

What is Illy MonoArábica coffee?
Illy monoarabic are Arabica coffees that Illy carefully selects in 9 countries around the world to achieve the perfect harmony of their blend.
Each Mono-arabic Illy is distinguished by a unique flavor and aroma. The success of Illy Arábicas is due to its original soil, whose unique characteristics of soil, altitude, rain, sun and cultivation method influence aromas and body.

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