Lavazza Blue Coffee Espresso Kafa Forest

  • 1 Box/es
  • 2 Box/es
  • 4 Box/es

- Premium exclusive coffee.
- 100% Arabica.
- Each capsule contains 9.5g.
- In boxes of 100 units.

  • Description

Coffee Lavazza Blue Espresso Kafa Forest

The unique and distinctive character of the finest and rare coffees selected by Lavazza to create a limited production of coffee with exclusive tastes and aromas.
For the true connoisseurs.

The sensory experience of this coffee is as unique as its origin: a robust structure and a bouquet of aromas and fragrances, with intense floral notes and a typical flavor of honey and dates with notes of ripe cherries. To improve the organoleptic characteristics of a superior and unique origin, Lavazza takes advantage of the new "slow and soft" toasting process that generates the perfect blend between aroma, flavor and body.
Origin: Ethiopia

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